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Our Lady’s RC High School, Royton Coating systems used: Elastaseal™,

Specialist mathematics and computing college, Our Lady’s RC High School in Lancashire, has recently undergone a roof refurbishment on the sports hall using Tor Coatings’ Elastaseal™ system.

The original roof had reached the end of its useful life and leaks were no longer deemed repairable. The client required the roof to be re-covered with up to 20 years waterproof protection, provide insulation to current regulations, improve falls so that water removes from the roof more efficiently and install new barrel vault roof lights.

Gables UK Ltd were contracted to complete this project. The contractor contacted Tor Coatings Ltd, a leading coatings manufacturer, for a solution. Tor Coatings conducted a free site survey and carried out a full site assessment.

A detailed and bespoke specification was then issued by Tor Coatings. Elastaseal™ was identified as the most suitable solution from a number of possible options.

The Elastaseal™ system is comprised of two layers of high performance elastomeric coatings that are reinforced with a fibreglass matting and sandwiched with a fiberglass mat for additional reinforcement.
Conventional refurbishment methods using felt and bitumen contain seams, which allow water to leak into the roof. The Elastaseal™ waterproof coating is flexible, joint-free and completely encapsulates the roof. This provides the ultimate protection and eliminates the risk of leaks for up to 20 years.

Elastaseal™ is cold-liquid applied and offers the significant advantages of no on site mixing and no need for naked flames as with comparable hot work bitumen roofing systems. This ensured minimal disruption and the high school could stay open while the refurbishment was being undertaken.

Elastaseal™ solves the problems associated with the long-term waterproofing of flat roof surfaces. The system provides a flexible, durable membrane that can guarantee waterproof protection for up to 25 years (BBA approved). The system was professionally applied by Gables UK Ltd, who are a trained Tor Partner. This partnership ensures that the product and its application were correctly applied, according to Tor Coatings Ltd’s specification.

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