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Lancaster House, Oldbury Coating systems used: Torstrip™ WBS Water-Based Stripping System, Torrex™ Flameshield Ultimate-AG,

Lancaster House, an 11 floor high rise block located in Oldbury, has undergone a major refurbishment programme of its 120 residential flats and common areas. The refurbishment, organised by Thomas Vale Limited included the building of 8 new flats, new insulated cladding and roofs, new windows, new glazed atrium, demolition of a community centre, and landscaping plus the refurbishment of the communal areas using Tor Coatings’ Torstrip WBS and fire upgrading Torrex Flameshield Ultimate AG Coating System.

Tor Coatings was requested to inspect and test the existing coatings to assess their suitability to re-decorate using a highly durable anti-graffiti finish whilst upgrading the coating’s spread of flame classification from class 4 to class 0.

On inspection it was found that the adhesion of the existing coatings was poor and a recommendation was given to remove all existing coatings prior to redecoration. This is the normal procedure when applying coatings in communal areas that rely on good adhesion; it is proven that poorly adhered previous coatings can result in rapid spread of flame in the event of a fire.

Stripping all the existing internal lining coatings of an 11 floor high rise building is a daunting task and needs to be completed by highly trained operatives with a product that is safe to use in this environment.

Wherever possible Tor Coatings promotes the use of Tor Partner Contractors for the application of Tor products. These contractors have been specially trained and audited by Tor Coatings.

Tor Partners have on going training and refresher courses to ensure they are competent in the area of application that is being requested. This project was no exception; the certified Tor Partner contractor for this refurbishment project was C J Decor Limited of Cannock.

The stripping of the entire block was completed quickly, safely and conveniently using TorstripTM WBS. This is a water based liquid applied stripper suitable for the removal of multi-layered paint from wall areas, it is very safe to use and is environmentally friendly.

Once the paint was removed, the substrate was returned to a class 0 surface spread of flame. Usually a smooth anti graffiti finish would be applied that meet the requirements of the RRFSO (Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order). However because of the long expanse of wall area to each corridor a smooth finish would look very clinical in what are residential blocks, it would be better to use a slightly textured finish to break up the wall areas and create a warmer feeling, whilst meeting all the specified requirements.

The Sandwell Urban Design Team decided to use the TorrexTM Flameshield Ultimate AG System as it matched all the requirements having a lightly textured, hard wearing and durable anti graffiti finish. This system would normally be used as an upgrading system to bring a suitable surface from a class 4 spread of flame back to a class 0. In this instance it was used to meet the client’s aesthetically requirements and also exceeded the requirements of the RRFSO, giving a very long term service to this block.

The through life cycle costs of the system are also minimal with a simple process to recoat when required.

C J Decor Limited were also contracted for the application of this system with a high standard finish being achieved. This is one of main benefits of using trained operatives. Part of the services offered by Tor Coatings as well as the site inspection and specification service, is weekly site visits to inspect progress with written updates to all parties concerned and a final visit on completion to sign off the project. This assures the high quality you would expect from using a Tor product.

TorguardTM is a full insurance backed guarantee scheme available from Tor Coatings, should long-term security and support of the applied systems be required.

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