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Coors Brewery, Tadcaster Coating systems used: Elastaseal™,

The creation of Coors Brewers Ltd in 2002 marked the beginning of a new era in British brewing, bringing together leading brewers on both sides of the Atlantic – the Coors Brewing Company in the USA and most of the former Bass Brewers in the UK.

Combining classic beer brands such as Carling, Grolsch and Worthington’s, with relative newcomers like Caffrey’s, Coors sells over seven million barrels of beer a year – that’s one in every five pints sold!
The roof of the Tower Brewery, in Tadcaster was refurbished in late 2007 with the Elastaseal, cold liquid- applied, roof coating system; specifically designed to provide long-term waterproof protection to flat roofs.

The existing roof was a chocolate brown coloured GRP membrane which was at an advanced stage of weathering and some degradation had occurred, which had led to problem leaks. The project also involved waterproofing two flat felted roofs.

Prior to the application, the roof was cleaned down and moss and stone chippings were removed. The existing membrane was primed with Torcure MC – an adhesion- promoting binder / sealer.

A fifteen year Elastaseal system was specified. Elastaseal works by encapsulating the roof in a seamless barrier membrane, that is not only 100% waterproof but also allows the roof to breathe. This safe, durable and cost effective system effectively extends the life of a failing roof.

The Elastaseal system is applied by brush and roller, just like regular paint, so doesn’t involve any risk-laden hot works. It also offers unparallelled detailing around pipes, protrusions, rooflights and upstands meaning the roof is fully protected.

Elastaseal systems range from 10-25 years performance and are backed by Tor’s manufacturer’s warranty with insurance-backed guarantees available.

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