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Bradford Court, Manchester Coating systems used: Elastaseal™,

Bradford Court in Manchester, a large multi-storey housing block, has recently undergone a flat roof refurbishment using Tor Coatings’ Elastaseal™ waterproofing system.

The existing asphalt roof had been the source of several leaks. Several flats on the top floor were out of use and the Housing Association could not rent these flats out, causing loss of revenue. A long term solution was needed that allowed all of the plant and equipment on the roof to be encapsulated in order to stem the leaks.

Northwards Housing contacted Tor Coatings Ltd for a solution. After a complete site assessment and free site survey by a Tor Coatings specialist, Tor Coatings issued a detailed bespoke specification to the client and Elastaseal™ 15 was determined as the most suitable solution to resolve the existing problems.

Elastaseal™ forms a seamless polyurethane membrane that bonds to virtually any roof substrate and provides unparalleled waterproof protection. Depending on the level of specification the system guarantees 10 to 25 years’ waterproof protection.

The Elastaseal™ system combines high elasticity with excellent film strength. This means the system will move with the roof without splitting or shearing, whilst providing a long-lasting and durable surface.
Unlike traditional traditional roofing refurbishment methods that are reliant on flames and heat such as felt and bitumen, Elastaseal™ is applied cold, making it one of the safest refurbishment materials on the market.

Any penetration through the existing roof membrane is a potential area where water may enter the building. The Elastaseal™ waterproofing system is seamlessly applied by brush or roller and encapsulates the entire roof including areas around existing plant machinery, pipes/protrusions, rooflights and rainwater outlets.

Elastaseal™ provides the ultimate waterproofing protection and solves the problems associated with the long-term waterproofing of flat roof surfaces. It provides a flexible, durable membrane that can guarantee waterproof protection for up to 25 years (BBA approved).

The system was professionally applied by Gables UK Ltd, who are a trained Tor Partner. This partnership ensures that the product and its application were correctly applied, according to Tor Coatings Ltd’s specification.

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