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After Care & Guarantees

Tor Coatings are proud of each of their comprehensive and innovative range of building protection products. So much so that we want to retain close working relationships with our clients to ensure perfect aftercare is carried out for years to come. Yearly maintenance activities are just one part of the Tor Satisfaction Guarantee, meaning the life cycle of your project is looked after, long after it’s completion.

We are pleased to offer TorGuard, our Insurance-backed guarantee policy. TorGuard guarantees are delivered by a combination of highly experienced coatings specification managers who will discuss your requirements and inspect your site prior to agreeing the required coating system. It is necessary these systems are then installed by Tor partner contractors. These specialist companies have been fully trained in the application of Tor systems and their site personnel will carry Tor ID badges which will describe their skill sets. Insurance cover is available for up to 10 years, dependant on the products and system chosen. Our TorGuard brochure and more information can be found in the resources section.