Torsan® WBU Anti-Bacterial Paint


Using built in SteriTouch® technology the water-based system actively reduces levels of bacteria that come into contact with the coated surface by 99.99%. It is effective against MRSA, Salmonella, E.Coli and other forms of bacteria and mould. Torsan® WBU delivers a Class ‘0’ fire rating when applied to new, bare or stripped surfaces. It is resistant to most chemicals, abrasion and graffiti.
A fibreglass-reinforced version of the system, designed for harsh environments, is also available which makes regular washing down possible, improves knock resistance and can be used to level out uneven surfaces.



  • Reduces bacteria and mould by 99.99%
  • Independently tested and verified performance
  • Class ‘0’ fire rating over non-combustible substrates
  • Exceptional colour stability – non-yellowing finish
  • 3 coat system
  • High resistance to chemicals and abrasion
  • Tough, durable and scrubbable finish – easy to clean
  • Hardwearing two-pack gloss finish
  • Tougher fibreglass reinforced option available
  • Quick drying, water-based and low odour
  • Available in white and pastel shades

Frequently Asked Questions

Aqualife™ WSE Primer (EP131)

Apply a coat of Tor two pack scrim adhesive and embed scrim (glass fibre tissue). Once cured, apply a second coat of scrim adhesive.

Top Coats
Apply two coats of Torsan® WBU (PU835). When applying directly to previously painted surfaces it may be necessary to apply a third coat to fully conceal dark colours.

Torsan® WBU can be applied to new, bare, stripped and previously painted internal surfaces including plaster, plasterboard, masonry, brick, concrete and ceramic tile.

Torsan® WBU is particularly suited to environments with high humidity. The system is ideal for use on internal walls and ceilings in operating theatres, laboratories, leisure facilities, prison cells and food and beverage environments.

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The following specifications are included for demonstrative purposes only. Always consult a representative of Tor Coatings prior to specifying or applying.

All areas should be suitably prepared according to the detailed Tor specification, prior to all application.

Aqualife™ WSE Primer

Apply 1 coat of Aqualife™ WSE Primer (EP131) and allow to cure overnight before overcoating.

Reinforcement (optional)

Apply one coat of Tor two pack scrim adhesive and embed scrim (glass fibre tissue). Allow to cure overnight. Apply a second coat of scrim adhesive and allow to cure overnight.

Torsan® WBU

Apply 2 coats of Torsan® WBU (PU835) as required, allow 1st coat to cure (minimum of 4 hours) before overcoating.

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