Torrex™ Fire Upgrading AG-X


Torrex™ Fire Upgrading AG-X allows you to upgrade the fire rating of existing well adhered painted surfaces, protecting against both rapid spread of flame and graffiti attack. The system successfully upgrades the Exova Warringtonfire Class 4 “Blue Board” to Class 1 when tested to BS476 Part 7 and is approved by Certifire.
The top-coat is an anti-graffiti finish which offers protection against serious abuse by allowing long-term, effective removal when used in conjunction with the Tor graffiti removal systems.



  • Certifire approved
  • Achieves Class 1 on well adhered previously painted surfaces
  • Resistance to graffiti attack
  • Easy graffiti removal
  • Water based
  • Independently tested by Exova Warringtonfire
  • Easily applied by brush or roller
  • Provides long term protection
  • Wide colour range available from tinting scheme

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Frequently Asked Questions

1st Coat
Torrex™ Grip Primer (EP120). A two pack, water based, fire retardant primer.

2nd and 3rd Coat
Torrex™ Fire Upgrading AG-X Finish (PU823)
Two-pack anti-graffiti, decorative, coloured finish.

NB: In certain circumstances an adhesion promoting primer may be needed. This is applied before the fire upgrading system.

Previously painted internal plaster and plasterboard, brick, masonry, concrete, ceramic tiles. The previously painted areas must be well adhered.

Torrex™ Fire Upgrading AG-X is suitable for all well adhered internal surfaces where effective protection from rapid flame spread and graffiti is needed, but typical areas include walls, ceilings and soffits in the following locations:

  • Communal areas, landings and lift lobbies in social housing blocks
  • Internal fire escape areas
  • Internal public access areas
  • Toilet blocks in schools and public conveniences
  • Corridors and escape routes in public buildings such as schools, colleges hospitals, nursing homes, leisure centres, community centres and office blocks.

Graffiti can be safely and easily removed from all of Tor Coatings anti-graffiti range, by using the Torclean™ Pre-wipe (SS454001) and Torclean™ Graffiti Remover Wipe (SS455001) or by using the Torclean™ Graffiti Prewash (DM416) and the Torclean™ “G”Graffiti Remover (DM424).

Only Tor Coatings remover wipes and sprays should be used, as other materials may damage the painted surface, resulting in system failure and permanent graffiti damage.

The use of abrasive pads and household detergents should never be considered, unless otherwise instructed by a representative of Tor Coatings Ltd.

  • Unrivalled expertise and knowledge
  • Nationwide team of area managers and technical personnel
  • Free site survey and risk assessment of your building
  • Free comprehensive specification writing service (NBS format also available)
  • On site technical back-up for live projects
  • RIBA CPD seminar available
    ‘Understanding the Control of Rapid Flame Spread in Building Refurbishment’

The following specification is included for demonstrative purposes only. Always consult a representative of Tor Coatings prior to specifying or applying.

Torrex™ Grip Primer

By brush or short/medium pile roller, apply one full coat of Torrex™ Grip Primer (EP120) at a coverage rate of 8 square metres per litre. Allow to dry. Overcoating time minimum 16 hours, maximum 7 days.

Torrex™ Fire Upgrading AG-X Finish

By brush or short/medium pile roller, apply two full coats of Torrex™ Fire Upgrading AG-X Finish (PU823) in the appropriate colour, at a coverage rate of 10 square metres per litre per coat. Allow first coat to cure.

Overcoating time minimum 16 hours, maximum 3 days. Tor Coatings offer a free site survey service, and all of our Area Business Managers are fully trained and able to carry out full site assessments.

A detailed and bespoke specification will then be issued. Call Tor Coatings on 0191 410 6611 to arrange your site survey.

Tor Coatings’ national team of Area Business Managers is supported by a dedicated customer services team, a team of experienced paint chemists and a dedicated technical help desk. Call 0191 411 3148 for assistance from our helpdesk or visit to find out more.

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