Tordeck™ PB


Tordeck™ PB is a fast-curing, hardwearing resin balcony coating system, designed to waterproof and provide slip resistance to small, private balconies. It is a great choice for landlords and proprietors who are looking to refresh tenants balconies.


How it Works


A) Torcure™ Binder Sealer is applied for the stabilisation and consolidation of porous or friable substrates

B) Elastaseal™ Fibretex (fibre-reinforced coating) is used as a basecoat in this system

C) Tordeck™ PB Topcoat is a single pack coating with aluminium oxide anti-slip grits added to the wet resin. This is the finishing and weathering coat.


Key features and Benefits 

  • Fast curing*, anti-slip coating system
  • 2 coat liquid applied waterproof membrane
  • Easy to apply and detail
  • Long term durability
  • Colour choice available**

*Using Accelerator

** Dark grey is our standard colour, others can be made to order.

Data Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

1st Coat

Optional – use on porous substrates Torcure™ MC Binder/Sealer (PU885) is a single pack penetrating sealer for the stabilisation and consolidation of porous or friable substrates.

2nd Coat

Elastaseal™ Fibretex is a single pack fibre reinforced coating used as a basecoat in the system.

3rd Coat

Tordeck™ PB Topcoat is a single pack coating with aluminium oxide anti-slip grits added to the wet resin. This is used as the finishing and weathering coat of the Tordeck™ PB system.

The system is specifically intended for use on asphalt and concrete.

Tordeck™ PB system is suitable for small balconies usually found in:

  • Social Housing Blocks
  • Private residential housing
  • Residential care homes
  • Unrivalled expertise and knowledge
  • Nationwide team of area managers / technical personnel
  • Free site survey
  • Free specification service (NBS format also available)
  • On-site technical back-up on live projects.

The following specifications are included for demonstrative purposes only. Always consult a representative of Tor Coatings prior to specifying or applying.

All areas should be suitably prepared according to the detailed Tor specification, prior to all application.

Torcure™ MC Binder / Sealer (where required)

Ensure surfaces are below 50°C before coating. Apply 1 coat of Torcure™ MC Binder / Sealer (PU885) and allow to cure before applying next coat.

Tordeck™ PB Topcoat

Apply 1 coat of Elastaseal™ Fibretex (RC104) and allow to cure overnight before overcoating. Apply 1 coat of Tordeck™ PB Topcoat (RC512). Cast white aluminium oxide grits (50 mesh) onto the wet coating at 800g/m² to provide slip resistant surface-wear protection. Allow to cure.

Tor Coatings offer a free site survey service, and all of our Area Business Managers are fully trained and able to carry out full site assessments. A detailed and bespoke specification will then be issued. Contact Tor Coatings on 0191 410 6611 to arrange your free site survey.

Tor Coatings’ national team of Area Business Managers is supported by a dedicated customer service team, a large team of paint chemists and a dedicated technical help desk. Call 0191 411 3148 for assistance from our helpdesk, or visit to find out more.

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