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Elastaseal ™ Inverted Roofing System

Smooth, plain colour, mid-sheen finish.

  • Features

    • Reduces heat loss from building (when correctly designed)
    • Allows Compliance with Building Regulations (Part L) and Environmental Protection Act (EPA)
    • Provides a durable, trafficable surface (paving / stone sets etc)
    • Cold liquid applied – no hot works on roof
    • Easy to apply and detail
    • Can be applied over most roof types
    • Up to 25 year systems available
    • Quickly resistant to rainfall
    • Permanently elastomeric
    • Joint free
    • Excellent resistance to ponded water
    • Fibre reinforced for maximum film strength
    • Insurance backed guarantees available
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  • What does it do?

    ElastasealTM Roof Waterproofing Systems have been developed to solve the problems associated with the long-term waterproofing of flat roofs, pitched Roofs and Gutters.

    They provide flexible, durable, long-lasting protection for up to 25 years before first full maintenance, depending upon which system is specified.

    The systems provide a cold liquid applied, breathable, seamless finish, which moves with the roof and allows vapour release from the existing substrate.

    When used in combination with the appropriate insulation and finishing materials, an inverted waterproofing system can be easily created, allowing for heavily trafficked and decorative roof finishes to be designed. The inverted roof design will enhance the waterproofing systems expected life as the system is covered and hence protected from exposure to the elements. Theses inverted roofs are designed to allow compliance with the building regulations (Part L) and increase the thermal efficiency of the building, which in turn reduces carbon emissions.

  • What does the system include?


    Optional for certain substrates.


    ElastasealTM embedment coat is the base Coat waterproofing layer reinforced with ElastamatTM

    glass fibre mat.


    Use as necessary to complete the system. Used on termination details exposed to UV above the insulation level.

    The system is then overlaid with an appropriate insulation board system, filtration layer and then the required finishing material, e.g. stone or block paving (support pads may be needed). Ballast may be used around the perimeter details or near plant and equipment.

  • Where can it be used?


    ElastasealTM can be used over many types of traditional roofing materials such as:

    Felt, asphalt, bitumen, asbestos cement sheet, fibre cement sheet, concrete, single ply membranes, profiled metal sheets etc.

    New build

    Used in combination with steel, concrete, screeded or timber constructed roofs.


    ElastasealTM Roof Waterproofing Systems are ideally suited for refurbishing and protecting weathered, worn and damaged substrates on many types of building:

    • Powerstations and sub-stations
    • Retail units
    • Warehouses and distribution centres • Factories
    • Schools and colleges
    • Hospitals and care homes
    • Garages/forecourts
    • Social housing
    • Chemical/pharmaceutical plants

  • The Tor service available to you

    • Unrivalled expertise and knowledge
    • Nationwide team of area managers / technical personnel • Free site survey
    • Free specification service (NBS format also available)
    • On-site technical back-up on live projects
  • How to Specify


    Due to the high number of possible substrates and varying conditions in which they can be found, Tor Coatings strongly recommend that a site survey is carried out to determine the exact specification required.

    New build

    ElastasealTM is on the RIBA NBS+ system, please contact us if you want us to produce an NBS Formatted specification.

    Tor Coatings offer a free site survey service, and all of our Area Business Managers are fully trained and able to carry out full site assessments. A detailed and bespoke specification will then be issued.

    Contact Tor Coatings on 0191 410 6611 to arrange your free site survey.

  • Technical Support

    Tor Coatings’ national team of Area Business Managers is supported by a dedicated customer services team, a team of experienced paint chemists and a dedicated technical help desk. Call 0191 411 3148 for assistance from our helpdesk or visit to find out more.

Elastaseal Fibretex Elastaseal Embedment Coat Elastaseal Top Coat
Theoretical Coverage 1-1.25m2 per litre 1-2m2 per litre 1-2m2 per litre
Application Brush/ roller Brush/ roller / airless spray Brush/ roller / airless spray
Pack Size 12.5 litres 12.5 litres 12.5 litres
Touch Dry 4 hours 4 hours 4 hours
Hard Dry 16 hours 16 hours 16 hours
Minimum overcoating time 8 hours 12 hours 12 hours
Maximum overcoating time 7 days 5 days 7 days
Download system data sheet (PDF) » Estimated file size - 1 MB
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