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Masonry Systems

Whether you are responsible for a new-build or a refurbishment project, we at Tor Coatings can help you to protect and improve the appearance of exterior stonework with our masonry systems. Shielding these external surfaces from weather damage and other impairments is crucial to avoiding expensive and inconvenient masonry repairs and maintenance work, and our masonry coatings offer effective and reliable protection. Our Torshield Masonry Systems and Torprufe EMF Masonry Systems act as a long term guard against masonry damage while allowing the substrate to breathe. They prevent or even repair cracks, inhibit weather damage year-round, and impede fungal growth. These masonry finishes are also available in a range of colours, enabling site managers to improve the appearance of their premises and, if desired, make buildings stand out – all while safeguarding them from harm. Find out how our masonry protection products have benefited other organisations by reading our case studies and get in touch to organise a free site survey to discover how our bespoke service could help you.