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Elastaseal ensures the show will go on at Bourne Leisure


Bourne Leisure is one of the largest providers of holidays and holiday home ownership in the UK. Their brands (Haven, Butlins and Warner Leisure Hotels) are amongst the most recognised within the UK market, with over 4 million families booking a break at one of their resorts or hotels every year. When their existing roof felt overlay failed, the Elastaseal system from Tor Coatings proved to be the ideal solution. 




Since the Elastaseal system is compatible with almost any sound existing roof membrane, our partner contractor Gables UK, specified our cold liquid applied roof coatings system, to ensure no close of business or disruption was necessary.


A 15 year system was applied to all areas of the roof, incorporating the bases of the roof-mounted plant and providing a seamless, waterproof membrane. A lighter-coloured, non-slip walkway was also created with a specially aggregated version of our top-coat to allow easy future access to the plant. Everything was installed while the building was fully functional.