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When the Thames Barrier in London required maintenance, the Environment Agency, which owns the structure, contacted Plaster Decoration Company LTD (PDC LTD) to provide a solution to the roof decks.

Over the years since the Barrier was first constructed, the existing roofing materials had degraded extensively, due mainly to the exposed position of the piers. Rainwater had begun to leak into the control rooms below, a potentially hazardous situation as the control rooms house the electrical switchgear that controls the barrier. Any damage to the operational mechanism would lead to the serious disruption of traffic along the Thames Gateway.

As a solution, Tor Coatings’ Elastaseal™ system was specified. Elastaseal™ is a fully reinforced roofing system that has the benefit of being cold applied. This offers the significant advantages of no on-site mixing and no need for naked flames as with comparable hot bitumen roofing systems.

“There were a number of reasons for the specification of the Elastaseal™ system for the Thames Barrier,” explains Ian Birch of Tor Coatings. “Access was a main priority as the piers are linked by a network of tunnels. Carrying hot bitumen through these tunnels was an unnecessary hazard and the Elastaseal™ cold applied system provided a safer and faster working solution.”

Supplied in Dove Grey on this project, the Elastaseal™ roofing system provides hard wearing protection which is touch dry in only four hours. As an additional benefit, it cures to a smooth aesthetically pleasing finish. As the overall appearance of the Barrier had been compromised by the existing deteriorating roof, the Elastaseal™ solution enabled the visual appeal of this key London landmark to be restored.

This was the first major maintenance on the roofs of the Thames Barrier and the application of Elastaseal™ system has regenerated the structure, combining hard wearing, long term protection with a great new look.

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Pitched Roof Refurbishment – Thames Barrier, London