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The refurbishment of the historic Strand Palace Hotel in London has involved the use of Tor Coating’s cold applied liquid Elastaseal™ waterproofing system for the roof of the building. Originally built in 1907 and significantly refurbished in the 1920’s, the Art Deco design of the hotel gave rise to a large number of parapet walls, balconies and protrusions on the roof. Additionally, as the hotel became more and more modernised over the years, plant and equipment were sited there. As a result, the roof was extremely complex with large amounts of detailed areas making repairs potentially difficult.

Elastaseal™ from Tor Coatings was chosen as the most suitable solution from a number of options and was applied by the Academy Building and Roofing Company Ltd. M.D, Joe Kelly of Academy agrees that the project was not straightforward. “The old roof had never been maintained and with so many nooks and crannies, it was complex and difficult,” he says. Because of the location on one of London’s busiest streets, hot working with bitumen or felt was deemed unsuitable in terms of insurance and safety. It was also felt that single membrane systems would not be flexible enough to accommodate the amount of joints needs for the protrusions and detailing on the roof. The obvious solution presented itself in the form of Elastaseal™.

This cold applied system is built up from three layers of high performance coatings. This offers the significant advantages of no on site mixing and no need for naked flames as with comparable hot work bitumen roofing systems. After the roof was cleaned, a fast drying adhesion-promoting primer was applied. A second coat, whilst still wet was then embedded with a chopped strand fibre matting, which dries to a flexible surface with a very high tensile strength gained from the reinforcement mat. The finishing coat was then applied and allowed to cure.

All coatings were applied with brush or roller, allowing the materials to be simply applied around all of the difficult areas in a continuous film. This prevents any potential future leakage problems from the joints. Application of the system was facilitated with the 12.5 litre can size, which enabled operators to easily transport the materials up to the roof via the internal lifts.

Work to repair and waterproof the roof of the Strand Palace Hotel was undertaken with the minimum amount of disruption to either staff or guests. “Using the Tor Coatings system enabled the work to be carried out faster and more accurately,” concludes Joe Kelly. “It was a great system to use.”

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Flat Roof Refurbishment – Strand Palace Hotel, London