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A guarantee of 20 years was one of the key reasons for the specification of Tor Coating’s cold applied liquid Elastaseal™ waterproofing system on Stafford Cripps Estate.

The estate in Islington, London, which is managed by Homes for Islington, comprises three blocks of flats. The roofs of all three were leaking and in urgent need of repair. Because of the size of the blocks and the safety issue of working at height, Tor Coatings recommended its Elastaseal™ system as a comprehensive solution.

The cold applied system is built up from three layers of high performance coatings, offering the significant advantages of no on-site mixing and also no need for naked flames (which would be needed if using a comparable hot work bitumen or felt roofing system).

All coatings were applied by brush or roller, allowing the materials to be simply applied around all of the difficult detail areas in a continuous film. This prevents any potential future leakage problems by maximising the waterproofing system around the joints – the most vulnerable part of any roof.

“The guarantee of 20 years was essential as repair work to such large scale structures is a massive undertaking involving scaffolding to the entire building,” explains John Dunbar, Business Development Manager at Tor Coatings. “Because of the composition and durability of the Elastaseal™ system, we were confident in issuing the long term guarantee. In addition, after this period has elapsed, only one further top coat is required, which when completed, will qualify the roof for a renewed guarantee.”

The elimination of hot works resolved health and safety issues for operatives working at height and ensured the safety of the residents who were able to remain in their properties while the work was carried out. Contractors, Asphaltic were responsible for the entire re-roofing schedule.

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Flat Roof Refurbishment – Stafford Cripps Estate, London