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St Boniface’s is a specialist science Catholic college with a long tradition in Plymouth. The college was founded by Bishop Errington in 1863 at Wyndham Square.

The original roof comprised of a raised seam copper design. The roof had been leaking in a number of areas, which was causing disruption to the operation of the college. Due to the size of the project, it was important that any work would be carried out safely and allow the college to remain open while the works were being undertaken as the project was to be started during exam season. The client also required the new roof system to match the colour of the existing patina, retaining the natural look of the building.

HLS McConnell Roofing Ltd were contracted to complete this project. The contractor contacted Tor Coatings for a solution and to provide a site survey and full project analysis.

A detailed and bespoke specification was then issued. It was agreed that Raincoat™ Roof was the ideal solution for the pitched roof to combat the issues with leaks. A Verdi Gris colour was developed on the CS2 tinting scheme to match the existing substrate shade of the copper roof.

Raincoat™ Roof is cold liquid applied which meant minimal disruption and the college could stay open. The UV stable system completely encapsulated the roof, which provided a flexible, joint-free and waterproof coating, eliminating the risk of leaks. The system provides long-lasting protection for up to 10 years before first full maintenance.

The system was professionally applied by HLS McConnell Roofing Ltd, who are a trained Tor Partner. This partnership allowed Tor to provide the client with a 10 year Latent Defects guarantee covering both the product and its application.

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Pitched Roof Refurbishment – St Boniface’s College, Plymouth