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London South Bank University (LSBU) was established in 1892 and is home to over 23,000 students making this one of the oldest and largest universities in central London.

Over time the existing flat asphalt roofs were cracked, crazed and blistered by seasonal weather. The poor condition of the roofs resulted in leaks that caused disruption to the University operations. The existing roofs had a failed silver solar reflective coating that was badly degraded. Refurbishing with asphalt was not a desirable option and the University required a long-term solution to the problems it was experiencing.

Tor Coatings, a leading specialist in roof refurbishment, inspected the building thoroughly to assess the soundness of existing substrates and coatings to verify compatibility with any proposed waterproofing coating system. After a detailed inspection Elastaseal™ 15 was recommended as the best solution. This system provides a 15 year 100% waterproof membrane.

One of the many benefits of using Elastaseal™ is that the system is cold liquid-applied. This allows installation to be carried out, without the risk of fire due to the cold nature of the product. More conventional roofing substrates such as asphalt require the use of hot works, posing a potential fire risk. The Elastaseal™ system works by seamlessly encapsulating the roof, creating a new membrane that is not only completely waterproof but also allows the roof beneath to ‘breathe’ due to its vapour permeability. This ensures the roof remains leak- free, and can the life can be easily extended by solvent wiping the roof and applying an additional coat, managing potential issues for decades to come.

The Elastaseal™ 15 year system was applied to the roofs by T.R.C Service Group Ltd, a member of the Tor Partners scheme. This scheme assures the client that Elastaseal™ is applied by a trained professional contractor correctly, safely and efficiently in compliance with the manufacturers specification.

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Flat Roof Refurbishment – London South Bank University