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Many industrial estates are in urgent need of refurbishment, flaking paint on vertical cladding, shutter doors and cladding roofs are ruining unit appearances and discouraging visits from customers. Unit owners are realising how the state of the building exterior has a direct impact on the perception of their business from potential customers.

The Borough Council of Wellingborough was aware of many industrial units that required immediate refurbishment on the Finedon Road Industrial Estate in Wellingborough. The exterior cladding and shutter paint of these units had started to fade and flake back to bare substrate causing the unsightly units to appear run down and neglected.

Arthur Fitzhugh Decorators of Wellingborough contacted Tor Coatings, a specialist in cladding refurbishment to provide a cost-effective solution to give these units a new lease of life and improving the overall appearance of the area. The solution also had to provide long-term weather protection for a minimum of 10 years.

Tor Coatings conducted a site survey which involved thoroughly testing the existing substrate to ensure any recommended system was fully compatible.

Raincoat™ Cladding Finish was evaluated as the best solution for the exterior refresh project. This single pack, high build coating system is made from complex modified solvented acrylic which gives it excellent weathering properties and can withstand panel flexing without cracking along profile lines. This is guaranteed to protect the vertical cladding and shutter doors for at least 10 years before first major maintenance. The system is available as a 1 or 2 coat system that can be easily applied by brush, roller or spray and provides excellent coverage.

Tor’s ‘in can’ colour tinting service allows Raincoat™ Cladding Finish to be available in a wide range of semi-gloss colours to suit corporate re-branding, change of ownership or simply to improve the appearance and life cycle of exterior cladding and shutter doors. This individual tinting service can be supplied in 5 litre tins to be used on coloured roof edgings, trims and capping details, where smaller volumes of material are needed.


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Cladding Refurbishment – Finedon Road Ind. Est, Wellingborough