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No. 18 George Street, Edinburgh is home to the world famous Hard Rock Café. The US restaurant chain began trading at the site in the late nineties. The upper floors of the building are used as commercial office space.

The Georgian building had flat roofs to the rear which were beset with problems. The GRP and felt membranes – designed to waterproof the roofs – had failed in a number of places over a period of years. Countless attempts to repair the roof ultimately proved ineffective and repeated water ingress became a major concern for the landlord and tenants.

Previous rectification work had been limited to localised repairs. Overall refelting had been ruled out because of the significant amount of immovable plant and pipework present. Felt patches were applied to affected areas but just as soon as one location had been treated another leak would appear somewhere else.

The client found the perfect long-term solution to the problem in the form of Elastaseal™ from Tor Coatings. The liquid roof coating system could be applied to all areas of the roof and used to encapsulate critical areas of roof mounted plant and protrusions; providing an overall waterproof membrane that could not be achieved by any other method.

The Elastaseal™ coating system is compatible with almost all other sound roofing materials so there was no need to strip out the existing roofing membranes. The coating was completed while the building remained fully operational and to the satisfaction of the landlord and tenants.

Elastaseal™ works by providing the roof with a seamless barrier membrane, that is not only 100% waterproof but also allows the roof to breathe. The flagship Elastaseal™ system delivers 25 years’ waterproof protection and its performance is certified by the British Board of Agrément (BBA).

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Flat Roof Refurbishment – Hard Rock Cafe, Edinburgh