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American Air Filters contacted Tor when they were having trouble in curing a number of leaks from their roof. Despite several previous attempts to cure the roof leaks, nothing had been successful.

The leaking water was creating pools of water on some areas of the factory floor. This was causing a slip hazard that needed to be dealt with urgently.

Tor Area Manager, Chris Little, undertook a comprehensive survey of the roof, which is a metal-decked roof with insulation. The shallow pitch of the roof was leading to large valley areas and these were holding large quantities of ponded water. The existing roofing membranes were breaking down and these were the cause of the roof leaking badly.

The system recommended was Elastaseal™ 10. This system was chosen because it was capable of adhering to all of the various substrates that had been used to patch the roof. The system encapsulate the roof in a seamless waterproofing membrane, but crucially allows the roof to breathe. This allows the saturated roof to dry out over time and helps deliver a durable, cost effective roof repair.

After the client had accepted the Elastaseal™ specification, Tor recommended a number of trained contractors who could execute the work. The tenders were submitted via an e-auction on a website designed by AAF.

The work was a complete success in solving the leaking roof and also removing the slip hazard from the factory floors. FWR coatings have since applied the Tor Elastaseal™ system to a further 2000 square metres on the site.

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American Air Filters, Newcastle upon Tyne