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Elastaseal lowers energy costs at Burnley General HospitalPosted: October 2, 2012 by Tor Coatings

Burnley General Hospital Roof

East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust was formed in 2003, following the merger of Blackburn Hyndburn and Ribble Valley Health Care NHS Trust and Burnley Health Care NHS Trust. The Trust has a total of over 950 inpatient beds at Burnley General Hospital and Royal Blackburn Hospital.

For the past six years Tor Coatings has worked with the Trust on a regular basis to refurbish almost all of the flat roofs at Burnley General Hospital. The latest installation was a ‘warm roof’ system over the Edith Watson Unit.

The 1000m2 roof was in a poor state of repair when Tor Coatings conducted its initial site survey. The main deck had a badly degraded asphalt coating that had been compromised by the weather. Where the sun had heated the material it had slumped, crazed and cracked. A solar reflective coating had been applied to protect it, but it had not performed as expected. Water ingress – ultimately due to the failure of the asphalt membrane – had started to become an issue for the hospital.

Following the survey, Tor produced a detailed specification. This included a definition of the project requirements, a detailed overview of the refurbishment method and products to be used, photographs of every area of the roof and CAD drawings.

An important technical requirement – for the client – was that the new roof system would reduce energy consumption for the building. Accordingly, a thermal insulation element was introduced so the roof would meet the requirements of Part L (Conservation of Heat and Power) of Building Regulations (2010) i.e. the roof must achieve a minimum U-value of 0.18m2k.

For this project the Elastaseal™ warm roof system was specified. Elastaseal™ is a liquid waterproofing system designed to provide a seamless waterproof membrane over a wide variety of existing roof substrates. In the construction of a warm roof system, thermal insulation tiles lie immediately beneath the Elastaseal™ system and on top of the roof deck and a special vapour control layer (designed to provide effective condensation control).

Once installed the Elastaseal™ warm roof system helps lower energy costs by conserving heat within the building during colder months and also lowers energy costs associated with the cooling of buildings during warmer months.

Depending on the level of specification, Elastaseal™ systems can perform for 25 years before first maintenance and are backed with a manufacturer’s guarantee.

The roof system at Burnley General Hospital was installed by a professional contractor registered with the Tor Partners scheme. The scheme – operated by Tor Coatings – ensures Tor’s systems are installed correctly by trained, experienced and competent contractors.




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